About Us

" D & I TAXCON SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED " is a full service of Business Support to the Entrepreneurs with special expertise. We strive for excellence, as well as an appreciation of the commercial environment in which the Entrepreneurs operate. We combine a personal approach with high professional standards and aim to provide a comprehensive service to our corporate, financial and commercial clients.

We are of the belief that in the context of the present world economic scenarios, we have a valuable and constructive role to play. We believe that the changes in the economic climate in the country have brought about a change in the tradition. The development of the transnational has occurred in recent times in response to the activities and needs of clients conducting business at an international level. Today there are more persons are engaged in the world of international business and finance than ever before.

" D & I TAXCON SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED " operates as one firm; this means that all members participant equally in the firm. We believe this is the right basis to provide an integrated service. The firm has a strong and committed corporate and commercial practice.

The work of the entrepreneur, corporate and commercial group is frequently linked to other areas of expertise such as Auditing, Accounting, Costing, Budgeting Taxation, Banking, Project Finance, Operational Management, Financial Management, Corporate Management, Litigation and Intellectual Property. There is a close coordination between our team of advisors who ensures that the client is provided with full and comprehensive advice on all relevant issues.

Our advisors skillfully handle matters requiring careful negotiations and resolve problems created by the breakdown of commercial transaction by using the fast developing techniques of litigation's and arbitration. We regard it important to understand the nature of each clients business the market in which the client operates and the real business issues involved in the matters we work on.

We believe that our future depends on maintaining the caliber, experience and enthusiasm of our advisors and the integrity, effectiveness sound judgment and discretion with which we conduct our client's affairs. A head-led team of specialist is available for every client to ensure that full client care and quality services are provided at all times. The firm aims to continuously develop its skills to meet new demands in areas where it can add significant value to our client's business both at strategic and transactional levels. We are aware of the need to be abreast of the ever-changing world of business. The firm attempts to provide efficient service based on speedy accuracy backed up by the updated knowledge.

" D & I TAXCON SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED " a Company Limited by shares is authorized by Articles to issue preference shares for the purposes of providing fund to the new entrepreneur as well as existing entrepreneur to boost their business and to accelerate the economic condition of our society. India is a one of the fast growing country in the world. To streamline the resources in the proper direction is one our motto.